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The Awesome Flip iPhone Shows off Two Home Buttons and Three Screens

We have not idea whether Apple will have any plan to release a flip phone, but Martin Hajek has released the world’s first concept flip iPhone for catering to Japanese market.

The Concept Flip iPhone with Two Home Buttons and Three Screens


Smart Magic Wand is a Concept Portable Printer and Scanner with iPhone Dock

We have seen a few nice smartphone friendly portable printers and scanners, but passionate designers are still trying to release new concepts and technologies such as the Smart Magic Wand, a potable printer and scanner with iPhone dock.

Smart Magic Wand Concept Portable Printer and Scanner with iPhone Dock


The Concept iPhone 6c Features Colorful Housing, Virtual Home Button and More

It’s rumored that Apple will announced three iPhones including iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6c, so a talented designer has unveiled a concept iPhone 6c that features those rumored new highlights like a virtual home button, colorful back cover and etc.

The Concept iPhone 6c with Colorful Housing and Virtual Home Button


The Concept Lens Action Camera is Designed for Beme

No doubt, Beme is a new and ultra simple way to share your experience on video. The following concept Lens action camera is designed for the social video app, which provides a same way to share your video clips, but you don’t need to hold your phone.

The Concept Lens Action Camera for Beme Social Video App


The Design Concept Shows an Enhanced Fitbit Fitness Tracker

We have seen multiple Fitbit fitness trackers. No doubt, all they’re experts to track your activities, but apparently designers want more from their wearables so the design concept was born to show you a more aesthetic and customizable Fitbit.

The Design Concept Fitbit Tracker With Enhanced Aesthetics


The Concept iPhone 7 Shows Off Wireless Charging

By convention, Apple will release iPhone 6s in the second half of this year, but passionate designers has put their eyes on iPhone 7 that may be released next year.

The Concept iPhone 7 with Wireless Charging and dual 2.5D glass protection


iPhaser is Apple Styled Star Trek Phaser

No doubt, every Star Trek fan know phaser, the iconic energy weapon from the original Star Trek, but you may not know iPhaser, an Apple styled phaser.

iPhaser Apple Styled Star Trek Phaser



The Concept Rounded Apple Watch

Apple Watch has impressed me with its sleek design, but many of us prefer rounded watch case. You too? The following concept Apple Watch may draw your more attention.

The Concept Rounded Apple Watch