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These iconic cartoon characters from famous animated movies would look like this if they appeared in those 80s video games. Pretty cool? Let’s go on checking the pixelated cartoon characters.

Pixelated Cartoon Characters from Famous Animated Movies

Same as many famous cartoon characters and structures, the iconic floating house in animated film UP produced by Pixar has come to our real world.

Pixar Animated Film UP Inspired Floating House

Apparently the program from Tron Legacy has hacked into whole Disney system. Many cartoon characters by Disney have put on Tron costumes.

Tron Styled Disney Cartoon Characters

We’ve seen two sets of Star Wars cartoon characters. But apparently this adorable Star Wars characters alphabet is easy to be accept by little kids.

Cartoony Star Wars Characters Alphabet - Darth Vader

Universal Pacman Ghosts

November 8, 2010 | In: Crazy Gadgets

Apparently those clever ghosts thought out various ways to find out greedy Pacman, for instance, dressing up as popular characters like Hello Kitty, Homer Simpson, and etc.

Universal Pacman Ghosts

Hello Kitty Yahtzee Dice Game

November 3, 2010 | In: Toys

Do you want to spend your time with your favorite cartoon character Hello Kitty? The Hello Kitty Yahtzee dice game may be suitable.

Hello Kitty Yahtzee Dice Game

Do you like those cute cartoon characters in The Simpsons? Now you can bring the mini-sized Simpson figures on your table top. Let’s go on checking the latest Simpsons Mini Series 2.

Simpsons Mini Figure Series 2

No doubt, Charles M. Schulz’s Snoopy has countless faithful fans all over the world. You may like to apply the Snoopy iPad decal on your iPad if you’re one of them.

Five Snoopy iPad Decals