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Can you imagine what will happen when Disney princesses meet Capcom? Apparently it’s hard to imagine, but the talented artist gave us a nice answer. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

When Disney Princesses Meet Capcom

We have introduced a few nice The Simpsons themed gadgets, but if you prefer to make something by yourself, the Simpsons mini paper craft may be able to draw your more attention.

The Simpsons Mini Paper Craft

Domo 2 Slice Toaster

November 28, 2012 | In: Cool Gadgets, House Life

Don’t worry, the cute monster won’t eat your breakfast, instead, Domo just wants to bring you several pieces delicious toast. If you think it’s a nice idea, let’s go on checking the Domo 2 slice toaster.

Domo 2 Slice Toaster

Which cartoon characters from Disney is your favorites, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pluto or other characters? If you prefer Mickey Mouse, the following USB flash drive keychain should be able to catch your eyes.

Mickey Mouse USB Flash Drive Keychain

Mimoco teamed up with Cartoon Network, and released a new designer USB flash drive series: Adventure Time X Mimobot Series. If you like the animated television series, let’s go on checking.

Adventure Time Mimobot USB Flash Drive Series

Those powerful superheroes who shoulder the missions of saving human have gotten new looks. If you like these cute cartoonish superheroes, let’s go on checking the following art prints.

Cute Cartoonish Superhero Art Prints

Can you imagine what will happen when the art styles from Marvel Comics and Pixar Animation Studios are put together? Not? The following illustrations will show you a reasonable answer.

Pixar vs. Marvel Illustrations

The group of cute cartoon characters from the cartoon world of Disney has settled on the protective cases. If you also like them, let’s go on checking the Disney character 3D relief iPhone 4 case.

Disney Character 3D Relief iPhone 4 Case