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It’s not very easy for use to build an arcade machine by ourselves, but if you want to play those classic games in this kind of vintage way, the Nanoarcade mini arcade cabinet should be suitable for you.

Nanoarcade Mini Arcade Cabinet Fits in Your Hands

How to use your Raspberry Pi to complete a great project? If you’re a big fan of video games, you may like to build a micro arcade cabinet powered by Raspberry Pi.

How to Make a Micro Raspberry Pi Powered Arcade Cabinet

The mini arcade cabinet will bring you numerous retro games, but you have to assemble it by yourself. Accept the challenge? Let’s go on checking the DIY mini arcade cabinet.

The DIY Mini Arcade Cabinet

It’s not a wooden briefcase that holds your important documents, but a powerful arcade cabinet that allows you to play various arcade games. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking the R-Kaid-R handmade foldable game console.

R-Kaid-R Handmade Foldable Arcade Cabinet

Apparently you can’t use the tiny arcade cabinet to play those retro video games, but if you want to see the time in a cool way, the classic arcade wrist watch may be suitable for you.

The Classic Arcade Cabinet Wrist Watch

Apparently you can’t use it to enjoy those classic arcade games, but if you want to show your love to retro arcade cabinets, Arcadeans the plush arcade cabinet with sound may be able to catch your eyes.

Arcadeans Plush Arcade Cabinet with Sound

The Arcade Cabinet Candy

February 7, 2013 | In: Cool Gadgets

Sorry you can’t enjoy your favorite arcade games using the mini arcade cabinet, but if you like the retro arcade cabinet tins, let’s go on checking the arcade cabinet candy.

The Arcade Cabinet Candy

No doubt, most of Diablo 3 players use mouse and keyboard to eliminate the Prime Evil. But if you prefer joystick, the following Diablo 3 arcade cabinet may draw your more attention.

Fan-made Diablo 3 Arcade Cabinet