Handheld Compact Pac-Man Arcade Machine

With a tiny analog stick, the handheld arcade machine allows you to play PAC-Man, one of the most classic arcade games, and compact design lets you take the arcade cabinet anywhere you go.

Handheld Pac-Man Arcade Machine

Appearance design

This is a pretty fun and ultra portable arcade machine themed by Pac-Man. As we can see from the images, the arcade cabinet shows off a sleek and compact design that allows you to easily hold it in your hands or store it in your bag. Meanwhile, the handheld console features those iconic patterns, colors and detailing on its exterior while exquisite contours make it look like a miniature arcade machine that can be placed on your desk or in your showcase.

Function features

Unlike the transparent DIY arcade machine, the mini arcade cabinet only runs Pac-Man. Using its integrated red joystick, you can enjoy the well-received arcade game without needing your computer, tablet or smartphone. Of course, when not in use, it also works as a perfect decoration that brings old-school aesthetics into your showcase.

Handheld Pac-Man Arcade Machine

Price and availability

The handhold Pac-Man arcade machine is priced at $25.95 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Urban Outfitters for its more details. BTW, don’t miss the clear mini arcade cabinet and more cool related gadgets by following tags

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