Star Wars R2-D2 USB Desktop Cleaner

As everybody can see, R2-D2 is a powerful repair robot from Star Wars. But from this article, it seems that R2-D2 has skipped from a repair engineer to a cleaner.


In fact, we just can say it’s a mini desktop version R2-D2 that can walk around your computer desk, sucking up those crumbs on the desk through the built-in little cleaner device. This mini R2-D2 robot measures 10cm tall, and is made of PVC. An attaching USB connector powers to the R2-D2 desktop cleaner. So in most cases, don’t leave the robot away from your PC or laptop.


The amusing R2-D2 USB desktop cleaner will be available for $20.9 USD in mid-late August 2010. If you’re interested, jump to ncsx and preorder one.

Besides, you also can view this desktop cleaner shaped as Zamboni

Star Wars R2-D2 USB Desktop Cleaner Source

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