Smart Tracker 2 With a Pre-installed SIM Card

Don’t need to purchase an extra SIM card. The Smart Tracker 2 wireless tracker comes with a pre-installed SIM that works worldwide up to 2 years. Curious? Let’s keep checking.

Smart Tracker 2 Featuring Pre-installed SIM Card

The Smart Tracker 2 is GPS-based item finder that measures 40 x 45 x 12mm. The wireless tracker shows off an ultra compact and water-resistant body, and using integrated magnet and convenient design, you can easily attach the smart tracker on any metallic surface or install it to a buckle or collar, and built-in GPS module provides up to 5m of accurate positioning anywhere, anytime.

Smart Tracker 2 Featuring Pre-installed SIM Card

Meanwhile, its international prepaid SIM card works worldwide up to 2 years, and 2GB onboard storage can store over a year of tracking. Moreover, the smart tracker features real-time tracking, customizable geo-fenced area, movement and speeding alarm, and its panic button allows to instantly send an alert with location info to you, in addition, two-way communication and voice monitoring provide more security for the tracker. Apart from that, its rechargeable battery offers up to 10 days of tracking between charges, and an including charging dock lets you charge it with ease.

The Smart Tracker 2 has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $99 to preorder the wireless tracker ($139 for its plus version with a SIM card that works up to 3 years and 5GB internal memory). Additionally, if you want more options, you may like to check Nut mini smart tracker and more by following tags.

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  • To bad this company took off and ran with everyone’s money. Make you you guys should consider rewriting this article or make it very clear that this company as well as the people who started it are crooks e.g. Julien Buschor (Founder), Arnaud Levis (Marketing Director), Michael Seymour (Co-Founder), Fran├žois Brandt (Chief Technology Officer), Sylvain Gantin (Creative Director), Alexandre Methiaz (Electronics Engineering Lead), Florence Russell (R&D Manager), Isaac Felman (Social Media Manager).

    As is, this article looks only to recommend this product and the people behind it when it really should be about how people use crowdfunding services such as indiegogo to rip people off.

    Lastly, it’s not only the group behind smarttracker 2 that should be held accountable but the companies that allow for this type of thing to happen on their platform. I’ve contacted Indiegogo about this problem and what they’ve done plainly and without empathy is tell us and other people to direct our questions to the campaigner.