Ricoh Theta Digital Compact Camera for 360-Degree Panoramic Photography

Don’t need other any application or to steadily move your camera. Ricoh Theta digital compact camera is born for 360-degree panoramic photography. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.


Ricoh Theta is a unique and interesting compact camera designed to offer you an ultimate easy way to take panoramas. The unique digital camera measures 42 x 129 x 22.8mm and weights 95g. As we can see from the images, Theta features ultra compact design along with unique and simple grip method, and comes with two eye-fish lenses on its front and back sides so just pressing the shutter you can easily take 360-degree panoramas. Theta hasn’t optical viewfinder and LCD display, but using built-in WiFi you can transmit your 360-degree photos from its 4GB internal storage to your smartphone and tablet for preview or further editing. Apart from that, the compact camera also has custom designed camera app that makes your smartphone double as a remote control for the camera.


Ricoh Theta panoramic camera is priced at £329 GBP (approx $511 USD), and will be available for pre-order from the end of this month. If you’re interested, jump to Theta official site for more details.

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This is a great idea but how come there is such a huge gap between this lens and the next? The widest lens Ricoh has is a 28. Why not have a 20mm or a 16mm as well? They have them in dash cams.
And you don’t need wifi with this, just a delay so you can click the button and get out of the way or hold it up on a monopod to get your fingers out of the way.


Sure, it’s a nice idea, and I think Ricoh may release it just for a try, after all, most today’s cameras have the ability to take panoramas.