Unlike those smart watches and bands, the Flip is a wearable smart device on your ear. Like the idea? Let’s go on checking the ear ready wearable device.

Flip An Wearable Smart Device on Your Ear

It’s hot summer, in adding to a cooler for ice-cold beverages, you may also need a portable air conditioner to bring you a cool breeze for your camping trip. Nice idea? The Icybreeze cooler with portable air conditioner should be a nice solution.

Icybreeze Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler

There are various Gundam models in the market, but if you prefer assembling something by yourself, the following metallic nano puzzle Mobile Suit Gundam model may be more suitable for you.

Metallic Nano Puzzle Mobile Suit Gundam Model

Your precious MacBook doesn’t like your favorite beverages, so you need a suitable way to protect it from spills such as VectorWerks’ Vector cup holder.


VectorWerks Vector Cup Holder


Do you need a handy and comfortable bag to hold your iPad and some essentials? Take a look at Incase’s Quick Sling Bag for iPad Air, it may catch your eyes.

Incase Quick Sling Bag for iPad Air

Sleek slim design and gorgeous color schemes, the two leather wallet designs have undoubtedly caught our eyes. If you like the designs, let’s go on checking the Slim RFID protection leather wallets.

Phoenixwallets Slim RFID Protection Leather Wallet

Do you need a reliable audio playback companion when you’re on the beach or beside a pool? Take a look at ECOXGEAR’s ECOSTONE, the portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker may be a nice solution.

ECOXGEAR ECOSTONE Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Need some decorations to show your love to Star Wars in your house? Take a look at the Star Wars trilogy poster set, it may be a nice idea.

Star Wars Trilogy Alternative Poster Set