Need a suitable and stylish sleeve to hold your iPad mini and iPhone? Take a look the handmade iPad mini case, it may be a nice option.

The Handmade Leather iPad Mini Case with a Pocket for iPhone

We have seen various bookends, but if you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, the following bookend may be a better way to keep A Song of Ice and Fire in your bookcase.

Game of Thrones Bookend

The armband can’t be used to hold your smartphone for workouts, but it will bring you a more convenient way to control your smartphone, tablet, computer and etc. Curious? Let’s go on checking Myo gesture & motion control armband.

Myo Gesture & Motion Control Armband

How to show your love to pixel art in summer? In addition to those T-shirts with pixelated prints, we have found another nice way – a pair of low-resolution sunglasses. Nice idea? Let’s keep checking.

The Sunglasses Shows Your Love to Pixel Art

Apparently your CPU doesn’t work with the motherboard, but you need a geek-friendly way to show off your photo, the recycled motherboard picture frame may be a nice idea.

The Recycled Motherboard Picture Frame

Logitech has released a new protective case for iPhone 5/5s. If you need a reliable protection for your iPhone and get more convenience from custom accessories, the protection [+] iPhone 5s case may be a nice solution.

Logitech Protection [+] iPhone 5s Case

Last week we introduced Jumping Sumo mini drone, but if you prefer aircraft, the following Parrot Rolling Spider app-controlled mini drone may be more suitable for you.

Parrot Rolling Spider App-Controlled Mini Drone

Want to hire a housekeeper to help you manage your home? Take a look at JIBO, the smart robot may be a nice solution.

JIBO The World's First Smart Robot for Family