GoDock is a 3D Printed Apple Watch Stand with Integrated Cable Organizer

We have seen many nice charging stands for Apple Watch, but most of them don’t help us organize the extra-long charging cable. Take a look at GoDock, with integrated cable organizer, the 3D printed Apple Watch stand will solve the problem.

GoDock i3D Printed Apple Watch Stand with Cable Organizer - one of our Apple gadgets


Minions Cookie Jar Holds Your Favorite Snacks

Stuart from Minions wants to help you hold your favorite snacks. It sounds a good idea, but don’t leave him alone with his favorite bananas. Let’s go on for the Minions cookie jar.

Minions Cookie Jar


The Cute Batman USB Flash Drive Looks Like Combining the Style of Catwoman

The pair of big ears makes the Batman look like combining of the style of Catwoman. Like the a bit hybrid and cute design? Let’s go on for the Batman USB flash drive.

Cute Batman USB Flash Drive - one of our hand-picked USB gadgets


Scosche reVOLT dual USB Car Charger Shows off Illuminated USB Ports

With four optional colors, the Scosche’s reVOLT dual USB car charger perfectly matches with your iPhone, and two USB ports allow to charge your two mobile devices at the same time.

Scosche reVOLT dual USB Car Charger with Illuminated USB Ports


Nipi is a Versatile Cooler with Integrated Solar Charger

It’s mobile era. In addition to favorite beverages, we also need mobile energy to feed our mobile devices when camping so nipi was born to bring you a combination of cooler and solar charger.

Nipi Solar Charger Integrated Cooler


The Handmade Desk Lamp With An Integrated iPhone Dock

With an integrated iPhone dock, the handmade desk lamp not only provides you comfortable illumination, but also charges your smartphone. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going.

Handmade Desk Lamp With Integrated iPhone Dock - one of our handmade tech gifts


Sassy Stash is a Sexy and Safe Way to Store Your Smartphone Credit Card and More

With the garter purse, you can move your essentials from your handbag to your thigh, which sets your hand free from carrying bag. Like the feature? Let’s go on for Sassy Stash.

Sassy Stash stylish and sexy garter purse


SwitchEasy Blocks Lets You Build Apple Watch Charging Stand With LEGO Bricks

SwitchEasy has released Blocks, a set of building set for Apple Watch. Using included dock and building bricks, you can freely build your own Apple Watch charging stand.

Blocks Allows You to Build Apple Watch Charging Stand With LEGO Bricks