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Want to win mother or sister’s screams? You just need to quietly put the huge creature in your kitchen or fridge. Sound cool? Let’s go on checking the cockroach iPhone 5s case.

The Hilarious Cockroach iPhone 5s Case

BlueLounge recently released a new gadget for iMac. If you want a handy way to access USB port on your iMac, their Jimi USB port extension may be a nice solution.

BlueLounge Jimi USB Port Extension for iMac

You can connect a wireless speaker with your iPhone for music playback, but if you want an unplugged way to enhance audio, let’s go on checking the vintage audio amplifier for iPhone 5/5s.

The Vintage Aound Amplifier for iPhone 5/5s

Logitech has released Hinge, a new folio case with any-angle stand for iPad Air. If you like stylish fabric design, the versatile iPad Air case may suit for you.

Logitech Hinge iPad Air Case with Any-Angle Stand

Lytro released its first light field camera two years ago. Now its new-generation camera called Illum has been announced. Curious? Let’s go on checking its new features.

Lytro Illum Light Field Camera Announced

LG has unveiled many new images and some details about their upcoming smartwatchG Watch. If you’re interesting, let’s keep checking what fresh features can be brought by the smart watch.

Many Images and Some Details of LG G Watch Unveiled

Apparently the oversized game controller isn’t designed for your old-school game console, but it provides a pretty cool way to enjoy your favorite coffee. Sound great? Let’s go on checking the handmade NES controller coffee table.

The Handmade NES Controller Coffee Table

Like taking with your iPhone 5/5s/5c to jog in the morning? Take a look at PureGear recently released PureMove sports armband, it may be a nice companion for you.

PureGear PureMove Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s/5c