Not Gameboy But iPhone 4 Case

We just introduced how to make an iPhone 4 case. Now the second homemade iPhone 4 case also comes here. This one is more suitable for those who own retired Gameboy.

Not Gameboy But iPhone 4 Case

Just as we see, the creator utilized a vintage Nintendo Gameboy’s shell. Through the opening on the top of the Gameboy, the iPhone 4 is docked in the Gameboy. And the battery compartment also can be used for holding other little iPhone 4 accessories such as the earphones. After the break, check out the Gameboy iPhone 4 case in action.

You also have a Gameboy out of work? Turn it into the rugged iPhone 4 case. By the way, compared with the Gameboy iPhone 4 case, the Macintosh iPad case does the same. Additionally, you also can turn your iPhone 4 into Gameboy through the iBoy iPhone 4 skin.

Not Gameboy But iPhone 4 Case Source

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