Macintosh iPad Stand

It’s really strange. The vintage Apple Macintosh comes with so brilliant LCD screen. Don’t you feel so familiar? Well, in fact it’s a Mac computer integrated iPad. undoubtedly the Macintosh has turned into an amazing iPad stand.

Macintosh iPad Stand

The news about the Macintosh computer mod comes from site hirac, a Japanese blog dedicated to various gadgets. Apparently the awesome iPad stand utilized the shell of vintage Macintosh computer. The creator made a hole at the edge of the computer, which allow you to easily slip the iPad into the shell of the Macintosh. Unfortunately the iPad stand only supports the landscape viewing mode.

You also have an inactive Macintosh computer? Why not try to make an unique Macintosh iPad stand by yourself.

Macintosh iPad Stand Macintosh iPad Stand
Macintosh iPad Stand Macintosh iPad Stand
Macintosh iPad Stand Macintosh iPad Stand

Update: the following is the Macintosh iPad stand in action.

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  • Matt

    I happen to have one of those vintage Macs in my office right now. I’m going to do this!!! How does the home button work though? You showed getting to pictures, but how do you get back “home”?

  • If you are open to having a guest blog poster please reply and let me know. I will provide you with unique content for your blog, thanks.

  • veda

    This stand cracks me up. I haven’t seen it before and I think it will be successful. This flash from the past will be seen in the movies one day.

    • Daniel

      It’s absolutely an incredible vintage stand. unfortunately we don’t have the old machine…That’s true, many retro gadgets are still shining bright.

  • james braselton

    hi there they went too the truble of avertising the macantash ipad stand and did not put the like or munufator soo we can buy one when i get my ipad if any finds any seling the machantash ipad stand please let us know thanks

    • Daniel

      All right. We‘ll let you know first if the stand can be available.

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