LEGO dinosaur VS tiny dinosaur


Here are two dinosaurs from ancient age and future. Of course, the judgment bases on the materials which the creators used instead of how long they have been in existence.

The first dinosaur is very tiny, and it’s created by Kelly Farrell. It seems more like a Bone Dragon without wings. The tiny dinosaur is assembled with varies small oak boards cut by a 35 watt cutting laser. Undoubtedly, it’s a handmade dinosaur listed on Etsy. $7 USD is the price of tiny oak dinosaur.


The second dinosaur is so fierce. It’s made of LEGO bricks. After stimulation of German Saturn Commercial, the creator Bolt of Blue (Nickname on Flickr) created the LEGO dinosaur with 5 leg articulations, and named as Robo-Rex.


Two dinosaurs are all handmade. One tiny, and another is huge, one is oak, another is plastic. Which more stronger do you think? (Don’t forget that with a stout heart, a mouse can lift an elephant. lol)


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