I Want to Be Space Invaders Rubber Stamp

We know Space Invaders are a group of cute aliens. But we’re not sure whether you’d like to turn into them. Despite this, the rubber stamp should be able to satisfy your rich imagination.

I Want to Be Space Invaders Rubber Stamp

Just as we see, this is a very cute hand carved rubber stamp measuring 11.5 x 2.5cm. The handmade rubber stamp completely matches the style of retro arcade game Space Invaders. Once putting the seal on paper, you’ll see 8-bit style words “in my next life i want to be a” and a cute blue Space Invader. Apart from that, the stamp is made of hard rubber, and is attached to a little wooden stick. And you can also ask the maker to add other elements such as name, pattern, etc.

I Want to Be Space Invaders Rubber Stamp
I Want to Be Space Invaders Rubber Stamp

The Space Invaders rubber stamp is priced at $20 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for more details. Additionally, don’t ever miss the fun Facebook like button rubber stamp.

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  • http://www.pinellasrubberstamp.com/ Custom Rubber Stamps

    Seriously I am also so Surprise from you.Really Made different rubber stamp is art.

  • http://www.melrosestampco.com Jeff S

    I make a lot of stamps, but I could never imagine carving one by hand. Job well done!

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