Lusty 5-In-1 Compact Titanium Cutlery Set with UVC Sanitizer

Lusty 5-in-1 compact titanium cutlery set is designed to bring you more convenience during your everyday lunch, and an included UVC sanitizer focuses on your health.Lusty 5-In-1 Compact Titanium Cutlery Set with UVC Sanitizer

The Lusty cutlery set contains four cutleries: 1x foldable titanium spoon, 1x foldable titanium fork, 1x foldable titanium knife, and one pair of collapsible titanium chopsticks. With the folding design, the cutleries can be easily stored in an included compact container for easy carrying.

Furthermore, the four cutleries are made of titanium that’s lightweight, ultra solid and corrosion resistant, and titanium can prevent the growth of algae and bacteria on the surface.Lusty 5-In-1 Compact Titanium Cutlery Set with UVC Sanitizer

Moreover, the titanium cutlery set comes with a compact UVC sanitizer that emits 270-280 UVC light to sanitize your glasses, keys, watch, wallet and more items. And it comes quipped with Lightning, microUSB and USB-C port to work with your phone or portable power bank.

The crowdfunding campaign for Lusty is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $36 to preorder the titanium cutlery set. It will be shipped in May 2022.

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