Custom Made Pacman Pouf

We’ve introduced various Pacman themed gadgets. But for a living room full of Pacmen, a pouf is so necessary, fortunately we found the Pacman pouf.

Custom Made Pacman Pouf

Just as we see, the handmade pouf is shaped as the cute character from the classical arcade game Pacman. Plus the cube shaped pouf, the whole set looks like the greedy Pacman eating the red pouf. The Pacman pouf is made of upholstery acrylic, and measures 15 inches tall by 25 inches across.

Custom Made Pacman Pouf

The custom-made Pacman pouf comes in five colors including red, black, grey, brown, and white. Each one is priced at $325 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for more details. One question, why not offer the classical yellow Pacman?

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