CUJO is a Smart Device to Protect Your Devices from Hacks Viruses and Malware

Your antivirus software and firewall just guard your computer from some viruses and malware. How to protect your other devices? Take a look at CUJO, the smart device will protect all devices in your local network from hacks, virtues and malware.

CUJO Smart Device Protects Your Devices from Hacks Viruses and Malware

The CUJO is an innovative and powerful smart device designed to offer you an all-around shield to protect your devices from a broad of attacks. As shown in the images, the security device shows off a compact and minimal design, and the eye-like LED lights make CUJO look like a cute cartoon character, but don’t be fooled by the simple and adorable appearance. Once it connects with your router, the smart device will provide all-sided protection for your devices in your network.

All you need to do is just plug the smart security device into your wireless router. By inspecting packets of data coming and leaving your network, CUJO is capable to recognize and block various hacks, viruses and malware in order to protect every device connected to your network like smartphones, tablets, computers and etc from being penetrated. Moreover, by its monthly ($8.99) or annual subscription ($89), its cloud service provides the latest security practices to keep your devices against new hacks.

The CUJO has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $49 to preorder the smart security device with 6 month of free service. It will be shipped in March next year. Update: the security device has also been available on Amazon for $247,47 USD.

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