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Chibi Star Wars Characters Representing Alphabet

October 18, 2010 | In: Crazy Graphics

No doubt, this is the most chibi group of Star Wars characters that we’ve ever seen. There are 26 characters from Star Wars representing letters from A to Z. Which one do you think is your favorite character? C-3PO or Darth Vader? Let’s go on checking.

Chibi Star Wars Characters Representing Alphabet -Darth Vader

Joe Wight, a comic artist designed these incredibly cute Star Wars characters. We can found out almost all well-known characters in Star Wars series such as Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Jabba, and so on. These cute characters respectively represent:

A is for Ackbar
B is for Boba (Fett!)
C is for Chewbacca (C-3PO gets to be called Threepio for this!)
D is for Darth Vader
E is for Emperor (Palpatine!)
F is for 4-LOM (the droid bounty-hunter)
G is for Greedo
H is for Han (Solo!)
I is for IG-88 (the OTHER droid bounty-hunter)
J is for Jabba (the Hutt!)
K is for Klaatu (with the vibro-ax)
L is for Luke (Skywalker!)
M is for Moff (as in, Grand Moff Tarkin)
N is for Nien (Numb!)
O is for Obi-Wan
P is for Princess (Leia!)
Q is for Quarren (the octopus faced alien)
R is for R2D2
S is for Stormtrooper
T is for Threepio
U is for Ugnaught
V is for Veers (as in, General Veers)
W is for Wicket (the ewok)
X is for X-Wing Pilot (I think that’s Biggs)
Y is for Yoda
Z is for Zuckuss (the bug-looking bounty hunter)

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A is for Ackbar by joewight B is for Boba by joewight C is for Chewie by joewight
E is for Emperor by joewight F is for 4 LOM by joewight G is for Greedo by joewight
H is for Han Solo by joewight I is for IG 88 by joewight J is for Jabba by joewight
K is for Klaatu by joewight L is for Luke Skywalker by joewight M is for Moff by joewight
N is for Nien by joewight O is for Obi Wan by joewight P is for Princess Leia by joewight
Q is for Quarren by joewight R is for R2-D2 by joewight S is for stormtrooper by joewight
T is for Threepio by joewight U is for Ugnaught by joewight V is for Veers by joewight
W is for Wicket by joewight X is for X Wing Pilot by joewight Y is for Yoda by joewight
Z is for Zuckuss by joewight

Chibi Star Wars Characters Representing Alphabet Source