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Their Guns Were Replaced by Selfie Sticks in Those Classic Movies

What would happen if their guns were replaced by selfie sticks in those classic movies? Can’t imagine? The following mashups may be a nice answer.

Their Guns Were Replaced by Selfie Sticks in the Classic Movies


Knitted Macintosh 128k, Cellphone, Walkman and More by Jessica Dance

It’s hard to imagine that the knitted old-school devices can deliver us so sophisticated detailing, but Jessica Dance certainly did it by her numerous knitted objects including knitted Macintosh 128k, cellphone, Walkman and more.

Knitted Macintosh 128k, Cellphone, Walkman, Sneakers and Foods Created by Jessica Dance


The Artist Makes the iPhone More Useful with His Awesome Photos

For many of us, iPhone has become an dispensable daily companion. We use it to communicate, read, or connect other smart devices, but can you imagine that your iPhone can be used to roast a chicken, dispense ice cream, and even serve you sushi? I can’t, but a relent artist has achieve these functions using his awesome photos.

The Awesome Photos Show Us a More Useful iPhone


World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer Revealed

In addition to Warcraft movie trailer, Blizzard has also revealed their latest cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft: Legion which will be released in September next year. No matter whether you’re a warrior in the MMO or not, the game trailer can impress you.

World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer


Warcraft: The Beginning Movie Trailer Arrived

Previous 17-sec teaser isn’t worth mentioning, but now we must tell every fan of Warcraft that a full official Warcraft movie trailer has arrived. Warcraft: The Beginning movie will be released on June 10 next year, but now let’s take a look at those details unveiled by the trailer.

Warcraft: The Beginning Movie Trailer


The Awesome Black & White Photos Show Star Wars in Our Real World

The photos show us lots of evidences that our earth had links to Star Wars. Why do we have any memory about it? Because we met Men in Black.

The Black & White Photos Show Star Wars in Real World


Icons Unmasked Shows The True Faces of the Pop Culture Characters

Alex Solis had unveiled the part-time jobs of Street Fighters. Now he has unveiled another secret beneath the faces of the pop culture characters via his latest illustration series “Icons Unmasked”.

Icons Unmasked Illustration Series by Alex Solis



The Angry Birds Movie First Trailer Released

Rovio has released their first trailer of The Angry Birds Movie. This time they want to bring all members of Angry Birds family on the big screen instead of promoting other’s animated film with their mobile game.

The Angry Birds Movie Trailer


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