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When Fallout Meets Skyrim

January 27, 2015 | In: Crazy Graphics

What will be happened when the worlds of Fallout and Skyrim are messed up? Can’t imagine? Let’s go on for the following video, it may be a reasonable answer.

When Fallout Meets Skyrim

Grand Theft Auto V for PC has been available for preorder. It may bring Rockstar another spike in sales, but now let’s view how the elders play GTA V for the first time.

Seniors Play Grand Theft Auto V

The classic game was set in our real life. If you met it, you would become another Pac-Man. Bud Light has unveiled their new Up For Whatever commercial for upcoming Super Bowl. Let’s go on checking what happened when the guy inserted a huge coin.

Real-Life Pac-Man in Bud Light's Super Bowl Commercial

It’s right time to seek out a suitable greeting card for your sweetie. Undoubtedly, if she’s a fan of Game of Thrones, the following Valentines Day cards should be perfect with your gift.

Game of Thrones Valentine's Day Cards

Can you imagine When would happen if Disney princesses were photographers? You can’t? The following images may be a nice answer.

If Disney Princesses Were Photographers

Admittedly we can’t change our faces in a breeze, but maybe the fact will be changed in the near future. Curious? Let’s go om choking the “Face Hacking” real-time projection show.

Face Hacking Real-Time Protection Show by Two Japanese Artists

It’s not very easy for us to imagine what will happen when cute Playmobil figurines meet those classic paintings, but a talented artist has given us an answer.

When Classic Paintings Meet Playmobil Figurines

There are no rich colors on the art prints, but those exquisite lines are good enough to convey your love to LEGO bricks. If you like the design, let’s go on checking the ultimate blue print styled LEGO poster set.

The Ultimate Blue Print Styled LEGO Poster Set