Casemachine LP500 iPhone 5s Case

Need a stylish and modern protective case to protect your iPhone 5/5s? Take a look at Casemachine’s LP500 iPhone 5s case, it may be a nice option for you.
Casemachine LP500 iPhone 5s Case

The LP500 is a well-designed, snap-on protective case designed for iPhone 5/5s. As shown in the images, the iPhone 5s case sports a unique and gorgeous combination of streamlined design and polygon style, and the case is constructed of Casemachine’s proprietary Monoblock TPU in order to protect your iPhone 5/5s from bumps and shocks, and its smooth and matte finish provides a comfortable and secure grip, moreover, a thin veneered carbon fiber inlay enhances its protection and aesthetics.
Casemachine LP500 iPhone 5s Case Casemachine LP500 iPhone 5s Case
The LP500 iPhone 5s case comes in 6 colors, each one is priced at $39.99 USD. If you like the design, jump to Amazon for more details. Additionally, also don’t miss others nice options via following tags.

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