Awesome Halo Elite Costume by PeteManderFX

Apparently not all Halo lovers like to make himself/herself as a Master Chief. Perhaps a giant Elite will enjoy more popularity such as the following awesome Halo Elite costume.

Awesome Halo Elite Costume by PeteManderFX

The animatronic Halo Elite costume is designed and created by PeteManderFX, a team dedicated to digital sci-fi art, led by Pete Mander. Unlike some cardboard costumes, the animatronic Halo Elite costume utilizes fabricable material to create Elite’s armor. From the video, it seems the plastic foam and clay are used to construct the frame and skin. The soft materials undoubtedly can make the player control the giant monster with ease.

Awesome Halo Elite Costume by PeteManderFX

Well, after the break, check out the pictures and video of the making process, also including the Elite in action.

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Awesome Halo Elite Costume by PeteManderFX Awesome Halo Elite Costume by PeteManderFX Awesome Halo Elite Costume by PeteManderFX

Awesome Halo Elite Costume by PeteManderFX Source

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  • td

    hey how much for the elite in sizes 15to16and12to14and even master chief costume green 12to14 and blue15to16 plz im hoping u can send it to me cauz i was searching for a really long time to find one thanks

  • thieo

    hey it helps you to create your own so no need to see the finished product until you witness yours, moving and walking right in front of your eyes….. or… around you, keeps the excitement there tyvm for this vid

  • hister

    excelente, imaginen unos 3 trajes de estos caminando con sus armas en posision de combate, la gente diria, auxilio nos invaden los covenant, ja ja ja ja.

  • Donna

    Extremely long and slow video… and then at the end were you are about to see the final product… they cut it off.

    Another great time-waster from

  • Henrik

    Thats fuckin awesome

  • Wow! It was ery amzing, The animatronic Halo Elite costume.
    I am looking forward to have it, haha! it was really cool.
    I watch the video on how it was made, and I am amazed!
    excellent piece of art. I hope to watch the second video on my laptop using my ITV player…

  • James

    Dude i would go to gamestop with that on and stand there and scare the hell outta people

    • Daniel

      Really great idea!