The Best Iron Man 2 War Machine Costume

How much do you think the War Machine costume costs from the Iron Man 2? Undoubtedly Tony Stark never thought of the simple question. However, Anthony Le, a huge fan of Iron Man offered an answer with his real War Machine costume, which costs $4,000 USD.

The Best Iron Man 2 War Machine Costume

It also took Anthony Le one month to build this great War Machine costume. After collecting some concept sketches from the Internet, Le started his grand project.

For the armor body, he used the urethane material in order to enhance the strength of the costume, then cutting it into many parts, finally assembling them into the armor with 15,00 rivets and washers. Le also sculpted a helmet mold for creating a perfect War Machine mask. Obviously he did. The final helmet use a liquid resin mix, and he added a small servo motor that allow the operator to open the faceplate automatically.

The Best Iron Man 2 War Machine Costume

Besides, for becoming a perfect replica of the War Machine in the movie, Anthony Le also created many highly detailed accessories such as a multibarrel gun over the shoulder and Arc Reactor units respectively on the chest and palms. After the break, check out the video of the War Machine costume

There is no doubt that Anthony Le made an incredible War Machine costume. We even think it’s much more better than that in the movie. Because Anthony Le’s War Machine is absolutely true.

Feel much more expensive? Check the easily available Iron Man 2 costume.

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