Aluminum iPhone 4 Wrap and Protective Cover

Apple has released free project of iPhone 4 wrap and case, apparently it doesn’t suit everyone’s taste, so you might prefer the aluminum iPhone 4 wrap and protective cover.

Aluminum iPhone 4 Wrap and Protective Cover

Unlike the common iPhone 4 wrap, this is an unique iPhone 4 vinyl wrap with real brushed aluminum finish. Plus the aluminum finished protective cover, undoubtedly the protective set will more efficiently keep your iPhone 4 from scratches and some slight shocks, of course, also including addressing the reception problem. Apart from that, the protective set ships with an alcohol pad for cleaning your iPhone 4 before application.

Aluminum iPhone 4 Wrap and Protective Cover

At present, the iPhone 4 wrap and protective cover is available in two colors: gold and silver. Each set is priced at $19.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for full details. By the way, don’t miss their glowing wrap for iPhone 4.

Update: the product page has been deleted, we have to wait the rerelease of the aluminum iPhone 4 wrap by them.

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I am using this cover and its awesome..!!! 🙂
if you love your iphone then you should use it..!!

haroon aejaz

its look good and scratch less also.


That looks awesome!

BTW the link to the etsy page doesn’t work. Do you have one that does?