Glowing iPhone 4 Decal Wrap

No doubt, various iPhone 4 decal wraps have been available with ease at present. But the glowing iPhone 4 wrap is the first one on the market.

Glowing iPhone 4 Decal Wrap

In the daytime, it’s just a common iPhone 4 wrap made of vinyl material, but in the dark, the vinyl sticker can glow. Apparently the glowing wrap can help you find out your missing iPhone 4 in the darkness. Moreover, the wrap also has the same features of other iPhone 4 wrap just like easy to apply and removable with ease.

Glowing iPhone 4 Decal Wrap
Glowing iPhone 4 Decal Wrap

The glowing iPhone 4 decal is priced at $8.99 USD. If you need an unique edge wrap for your iPhone 4, jump to Etsy for more details. Of course, you also can wait for a short time, we believe the creator will release more glowing iPhone 4 wraps with different colors soon.

If needed, you also can check this common set of iPhone 4 wrap and protective cover.

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