Zubie A Smart Devive Tracks Your Vehicle Health and Driving Behavior

Want a handy way to track your vehicle, driving behavior, and ensuring safe driving? Take a look at Zubie, the smart device may be a suitable solution.
Zubie Tracks Your Vehicle Health and Driving Behavior

The Zubie is an innovative and practical car tracker designed to offer you a convenient and smart way to monitor your car’s health and track and help you improve driving habits. As shown in the images, the smart car tracker sports an ultra compact design, so you can easily plug it into your dashboard to keep your car connected to its cloud service in order that the smart device uses built-in high-performance GPS and multiple sensors to constantly track your car health and activist, even while parked. Moreover, the car tracker can monitor bad driving habits and provides suggestions for improvident, and custom app for Android and iOS shows you all alerts and insights. Apart from that, the tracking device easily locates your friends and family on the road and receive alerts when they arrive or depart common locations. After the break, check out the following demo video.

Zubie smart car tracker is priced at $99.99 USD. If you need it, jump to Zubie official site or Brookstone online store for more detailed description.

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