Yiptan Cordless Electric Screwdriver with Shadowless LED Ring Light

Yiptan cordless electric screwdriver is designed to handle lots of projects around your house with its 6-in-1 multifunctional bits and shadowless LED ring light. Let’s keep checking if you want to learn more about it.Yiptan Cordless Electric Screwdriver with Shadowless LED Ring Light

The Yiptan is a powerful and easy-to-operate electric screwdriver that measures 38mm diameter by 180mm long. As shown in the images, the eScrewdriver delivers an ergonomic cylindrical form factor with polyhedral detailing to bring you a comfortable and firm grip. Meanwhile, the one-piece casing is made from S2 alloy steel and ABS for a solid and durable construction.

The cordless electric screwdriver features a max of 220rpm and a torque of up to 3.0Nm when working in electric mode. In manual mode, it delivers up to 8Nm of torque, so it’s good to handle various repairing tasks.Yiptan Cordless Electric Screwdriver with Shadowless LED Ring Light

Furthermore, the cordless electric screwdriver includes 6 high-grade S2 alloy steel bits to meet different needs. And an integrated ring shadowless LED light gives you a clear view when you’re working in low light areas.

Moreover, built-in 3,000mAh rechargeable battery guarantees up to 5000 uses between charges, and with a built-in USB-C port, it can be fully recharged in 2 hours.

The crowdfunding campaign for Yiptan is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $34 to preorder the cordless electric screwdriver. It will be shipped in August 2021.

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