Yeeuu S1 Smart Lock with 8 Access Methods

With 8 access methods Yeeuu S1 smart lock lets you unlock the door conveniently, and it’s secure enough to guard your home. Let’s go on for its features.Yeeuu S1 Smart Lock with 8 Access Methods

The S1 is a fully featured smart lock that fit any door. It can be directly used in the standard signle-cylinder deadbolt lock and split-cylinder deadbolt lock. With optional front panel and 5572 lock body, it also supports integrated-cylinder lock.

The S1 smart lock features 8 access methods: fingerprint, password, remote phone access, Bluetooth control, badge, NFC, mechanical keys and voice assistant.Yeeuu S1 Smart Lock with 8 Access Methods

Using its companion app, you can easily manage access on your phone like changing passwords, set limits, adjust time periods, grant or revoke permissions instantly, and more.

Furthermore, it features a B-class cylinder, separate motor structure and aluminum alloy shell for excellent security and durability. AES 128-bit encryption ensures secure data transmission.

The smart lock can automatically locks without needing to turn the knob. And it also automatically deactivates after 15 unsuccessful fingerprint attempts or 6 unsuccessful password attempts.

In addition, with IP55 water and dust resistant rating, the S1 withstand various environments. 3 triple-A alkaline batteries offer 12 months of working time. The status of the battery life can be shown on the lock, and you will receive phone notification when the battery life is low. The mechanical keys allow you to unlock the door even when it’s out of battery.

The crowdfunding campaign for S1 is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $159 to preorder the smart lock. It will be shipped in June 2020.

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