Xquad Smart GPS Tracker without Needing Phones

Xquad smart GPS tracker is designed to locate up to 30 people on one screen, and it doesn’t need any phone, so it’s ideal for various outdoor adventures. Like it? Let’s have a look.Xquad Smart GPS Tracker without Needing Phones

The Xquad is an advanced and powerful off-grid GPS tracker that measures 76.45 x 47.20 x 23.06mm and weighs 100g. As shown in the images, the tracker delivers an ultra compact form factor, and with an included custom wristband, you can effortlessly wear it on your wrist for portability and easy access.

The smart GPS tracker features up to 3.7mi (6km) tracking range and delivers 3.3ft (1m) location accuracy. More importantly, the off-grid GPS tracker works individually without any other devices so that you can locate up to 30 teammates even when you’re in a remote area without cellular network.Xquad Smart GPS Tracker without Needing Phones

Furthermore, its group tracking provides you detailed tracking info including relative directions and distances of destination, virtual perimeter, lag-behind alerts and pre-loaded off-line map from your phone.

Meanwhile, the off-grip GPS tracker also provides self-tracking so that you can check your own location info including relative directions, distances of destination, current longitude, latitude & altitude, accumulative journey distance of current path and accumulative/ relative climb of current path.

Moreover, the smart GPS tracker features 12 pre-set off-cellular messages so that you always keep contacting with your teammates. IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating ensures it works well in various natural conditions. In addition, built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 72 hours of standby time or 24 hours of continuous use between charges.

The crowdfunding campaign for Xquad is ongoing on Indiegogo. We ca pledge $99 to preorder the off-grid smart GPS tracker. It will be shipped next month.

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