Wynd Halo + Home Smart Air Purifier

Wynd Halo and Home smart air purifier are designed to monitor the indoor air and remove any contaminants in your room. Like the idea? Let’s continue checking.

Wynd Halo + Home Smart Air Purifier

The Wynd Halo and Wynd Home are an advanced and smart indoor air purifying solution. The Wynd Halo is an indoor air quality monitor that measures 3.82 x 3.82 x 0.91 inches and weighs 0.35 lbs, while the Wynd Home is an air purifier that measures 24 x 17.32 x 10.2 inches and weighs 22.93 lbs. With a sleek, compact and round form factor, the air monitor can be placed anywhere in your house or mounted on the wall with ease. Meanwhile, air purifier also delivers an elegant white exterior that blends well in any interior style.

Wynd Halo features 10 built-in sensors to monitor allergens, smoke, germs, pollution, and more. Using unique Air ID, the indoor air monitor also classifies the actual pollutants in the air. Furthermore, the Wynd Halo perfectly works with Wynd Home air purifier in order to automatically purify the air in your room when needed.

Wynd Halo + Home Smart Air Purifier

Wynd Home smart air purifier is able to clean 537 cubic meters of air per hour, while its V-Series HEPA filter with 3-layer design is designed to clean a broad range of pollutants in your environment, including particulates and gases, allergens, mold, germs, toxic odors, air pollution, and more.

Moreover, as a smart air purifying system, it can automatically turns on before you come back. When you’re not home the purifier can turn down. When the air monitor monitors contaminants in the room, the air purifier will automatically activate to create create a healthy atmosphere. In addition, the smart purifying system also works with Amazon Alexa, Nest and Apple HomeKit to interact with compatible smart home devices.

Wynd Halo + Home Smart Air Purifier

The team behind Wynd is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $279 to preorder the Wynd Halo air monitor and Wynd Home smart air purifier. The bundle will be shipped in May 2019

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