WT2 Real-Time Earphone Translator

Using two translating earphones WT2 earphone translator brings a smooth face-to-face bilingual conversation experience. Sounds cool? Let’s keep checking.

WT2 Real-Time Earphone Translator

The WT2 is a pair of innovative and advanced translating earphones. As we can see from the images, each earphone shows off a lightweight, compact capsule-like appearance design, and the minimal white exterior allows it to decently stay on your ear during your conversation.

The wearable translating system consists of two independent earphones. All you need to do for a smooth bilingual conversation is just separate its charging case and share one half with your speaking partner. The two earphones will automatically wake up and pair with each other and its custom app on your smartphone.

WT2 Real-Time Earphone Translator

The WT2 earphone translator currently supports 6 languages including English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Using constant updates the translating earphones will support more languages like Portuguese, Arabic and more.

Furthermore, the earphone translator also features multiple modes. Its auto mode fits in a relatively quiet environment. Using an advanced intelligent algorithm the earphones will translate your conversation in real time. Manual mode is designed to work in a noisy environment, and the ask mode is ideal for quick inquiries. Just using one WT2 earphone on your ear you can show the translated text to your conversation partner via your smartphone.

In addition, when not in use, its two magnetic charging cases can be put together for easy carrying. The charging cases also provide 2.5 times full scale recharge for the two earphones.

The team behind WT2 has successfully achieved the fund goal for the product via Kickstarter, but we can still pledge $129 to preorder the earphone translator. It will be expected to be shipped in December 2017.

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