Wonderful action figure with terrible appearance

fear_cinema_leatherface stylized_rotocast_figure_1.jpg

I’m sure it’s just an action figure, but not the real Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you want to put him on your desk, you’d better ask if your other action figures would like to stay with the Leatherface, or arrange a duel between Iron Man and the Leatherface.

The terrible rotocast figure based on the movie of The Texas Chainsaw measures 9-inch tall, and comes with chainsaw, bucket of glistening gore, bloody mallet as well “bone” handle knife and removable apron.

fear_cinema_leatherface stylized_rotocast_figure_2.jpg
fear_cinema_leatherface stylized_rotocast_figure_3.jpg

You can get the rotocast figure for about $20.99 USD.

Select Store

1. Entertainment Earth.($20.99)

2. Dark Figures.($19.99)

Wonderful action figure with terrible appearance Source

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