WeatherFlow Air + Sky Smart Weather Stations

Using two measuring units including Air and Sky, the WeatherFlow smart weather stations tell us accurate and detailed local weather info. Like the idea? Let’s keep checking.

WeatherFlow Air and Sky Smart Weather Stations

The WeatherFlow is a two-unit smart weather station system that consists of Sky and Air. As we can see from the images, both units boast a sleek and compact design. The Sky mounts on top of a standard 1″ pole and locates with clear view of the sky and clean wind fetch, and the Air can be simply placed outside in the shade.

WeatherFlow Air and Sky Smart Weather Stations

The Sky unit comes equipped with a built-in light sensor, haptic rain sensor and sonic wind sensor in order to measure ambient light, UV index, solar radiation, rain onset, intensity and accumulation, continuous wind speed and direction. The Air contains temperature and humidity sensor and atmosphere pressure sensor and lightning sensor. When both units work together, you will get real-time, professional and accurate weather and environmental conditions around your house.

WeatherFlow Air and Sky Smart Weather Stations

Using built-in Bluetooth and WiFi, the weather station wirelessly communicates with your smartphone or tablet, displaying all data via its custom app, and you can receive notifications when it forecasts dangerous or harmful weather phenomenons such lightning, high UV index, and more. Furthermore, the weather station joins in your local network, being a part of your smart home, so your other smart home devices can interact with the smart weather station based on different weather and environmental conditions.

The WeatherFlow has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $149 to own the Air and Sky weather stations. The bundle will be shipped in October this year.

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