WattAnt Portable Power Station with Swappable Batteries

Using swappable battery design, WattAnt portable power station allows you to easily expand the battery capacity based on different demands. Let’s keep checking if you like the idea.WattAnt Portable Power Station with Swappable Batteries

The WattAnt is a powerful and flexible power station that is available in two models: A3000 and A2000. based on different battery capacities, the two models deliver different heights, but with the integrated handles, both models can be easily carries from one place to another.

WattAnt portable power station features a swappable battery so you can use an extra battery pack to expand the battery life of your WattAnt. The A3000 delivers 3100Wh (840000mAh) of battery capacity, while the A2000 has a 1500Wh (420000mAh). Furthermore, it comes equipped with 6 110V AC outlets or 4 220V-240V AC outlets to provide a reliable and stable power source for your devices.WattAnt Portable Power Station with Swappable Batteries

Moreover, it has two 40W USB-C ports, two 18W USB-A ports with QC 3.0, and three DC ports with different outputs for more devices. And the power station can be recharged using four mothers: wall outlet, solar panel, gas generator and car charger. In addition, a separate AC inverter allows for reduced heat generation in the power station.

The crowdfunding campaign for WattAnt is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $1,299 to preorder the A2000 portable power station ($2,297 for A3000). Both models will be shipped in June 2021.

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