Vinaya Altruis X Smart Bracelet Helps Ladies Find Stillness

Vinaya has released Altruis X, its latest smart bracelet that helps ladies find stillness and balance in any moment, and eye-catching design and multiple optional materials makes the bracelet a piece of couture jewelry.

Vinaya Altruis X Smart Bracelet

Appearance design

The Altruis X is a well-crafted, fashionable and app-enabled smart bracelet that’s available in five models based on frames in different coatings and traps in different materials, so it has the ability to match with different wearers’ lifestyles.

Meanwhile, the core of the wearable device has been integrated in a well-crafted zirconium ceramic stone that shows off meticulous craftsmanship and luscious feeling, and adjustable band not only complements to the stylish look of the stone, but also provides comfortable wearing experience.

Vinaya Altruis X Smart Bracelet

Function features

The smart bracelet is designed to help you find stillness, balance and peace, so using built-in Bluetooth technology, the bracelet wirelessly communicates with your smartphone, and you can use its custom app to filter out noise from various apps and help you staying altered for those most important notifications.

Furthermore, its meditation feature consists of scientifically-composed sound recordings that help you easily slip into a deep meditation, and its advanced pattern-recognition system allows you to easily understand how your meditation practice affects your sleep, productivity and health.

Moreover, its custom app allows you to set a limit to how much time you spend on checking your smartphone in order to improve your productivity. The smart bracelet also keeps tracking your daily activity, habits and events as well as sleep quality, and all tracking data will be shown via your smartphone.

Apart from these, the smart bracelet also features IPX7 waterproof casing and its rechargeable battery offers up to 14 days of battery life between charges.

Price and availability

The Altruis X smart bracelet is priced from $99 to $139 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Vinaya official site for its more details.

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