VFZ Curved LED Monitor Light Bar

The VFZ curved LED monitor light bar is designed to illuminate your desktop without causing any discomfort on your eyes, and it fits on both regular and curved monitors. Let’s keep checking if you like the design.VFZ Curved LED Monitor Light Bar

The VFZ is versatile and practical monitor light bar that measures 380 x 120 x 83mm and weighs approx 362g. As shown in the images, the LED light bar features a double shaft that can adapt to various angles according to your monitor, and it fits any monitor with a thickness of between 5 and 50mm.

Furthermore, the VFZ patented holder is designed to always stay on your monitor without blocking the camera on the monitor, and you can also easily adjust the angle of the LED bar light.VFZ Curved LED Monitor Light Bar

The curved monitor LED light bar comes equipped with 80 LED bulbs with 3 adjustable color temperature modes: 2700K warm light, 4000K day light and 5000K white light. With its touch button, you can also easily adjust the intensity of light. Moreover, it also features a color render index of Ra95, which can be restored to its true colors without a stroboflash.

The crowdfunding campaign for VFZ is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $49 to preorder the curved LED monitor light bar. It will be shipped in September 2021.

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