VentiFresh ECO Portable Odor Eliminator

VentiFresh ECO portable odor eliminator uses UV photocatalyst technology to defeat odors, so unlike any regular air fresher, it doesn’t need to change any filter at fixed period. Like the idea? Let’s have a look.VentiFresh ECO Portable Odor Eliminator

The VentiFresh ECO is an innovative and easy-to-use odor eliminator that measures 2.48 x 2.48 x 2 inches and weighs 2.47oz. With a compact and lightweight design, you can effortlessly place the air fresher anywhere in your house, and it’s powered via a built-in microUSB port so that you can use a portable power bank to power it for more flexible placement.VentiFresh ECO Portable Odor Eliminator

The odor eliminator features the semiconductor deodorizer technology and air ventilation techniques, and the semiconductors consists of photocatalyst and UV LED. The photocatalyst in VentiFresh ECO is a compound mainly consisted of titanium dioxide. Using the technology, the odor eliminator mimics the process of how plants breathe, the odors in gas form breaks down into carbon dioxide and water.

Using a dust-resistant, low-noise motor fan, the bad odor molecules in the air can be pressured to flow inside an air compartment, getting processed with a photocatalyst energized by UV light, then clean air flows out through its air vents on the sides. As a result, all odor compounds will be decomposed rather then captured by a filter, you will never have to change any filter. There is nearly no maintenance required.

The team behind VentiFresh ECO is raising fund on Indiegogo. We can pledge $38 to preorder the portable odor eliminator. It will be shipped in January 2020.

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