VentiFresh Compact Odor Eliminator with No Maintenance and Filter Needed

VentiFresh compact odor eliminator is designed to help you eliminate bad odors in those small spaces, and built-in high technology makes it no maintenance required and no filter needed. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

VentiFresh Compact Odor Eliminator

Appearance design

The VentiFresh is an advanced and easy-to-use odor eliminator that measures 2.48 inches diameter by 2 inches length and weighs 70g. As we can see from the images, the odor eliminator shows off a sleek and ultra compact appearance. With an included magnetic adapter, you can easily attach it onto the interior of your trash can, storage box, cardboard pet house or other places. Meanwhile, using a portable power bank, the odor eliminator can also placed in any small place where you want to remove bad odors.

VentiFresh Compact Odor Eliminator

Function features

The VentiFresh features a unique and practical combination of the semiconductor deodorizer technology and air ventilation techniques in its compact body. Using the combination, the odor eliminator breaks down volatile organic compounds or odors in gas form, into carbon dioxide and water, then using a dust-resistant, low-noise motor fan, the bad odor molecules in the air can be pressured to flow inside its air compartment, getting processed with a photocatalyst energized by UV light, then clean and inodorous air flows out via air vents on the sides.

Price and shipment date

The VentiFresh has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $43 to preorder the compact odor eliminator. It will be shipped in February 2017.

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