Vello Bike+ Self-Charging Folding Electric Bike

Using integrated Kinetic Energy Recovery System, Vello Bike+ folding electric bike has the ability to covert mechanical energy into electric energy, so it offers a longer riding range between charges. Want to know more about the ebike? Let’s continue reading.

Vello Bike+ Self-Charging Folding Electric Bike

The Vello Bike+ is an advanced and high-performance folding electric bike that weighs less than 26.4 lbs, and it measures 28 x 20 inches when folded back. Using a self-locking magnet-release system, you can quickly fold or unfold the ebike in order to take it for public transportation or easily store it in any corner of your room, and even when folded, it can also be wheeled around.

Vello Bike+ Self-Charging Folding Electric Bike

The electric bike comes equipped with a high efficiency 250W BLDC motor that offers a top speed of 16mph, and in addition to its integrated 160Wh battery pack with smart BMS, the Vello Bike+ features a practical regenerative electric bike technology that allows to charge its battery while pedaling, and it even allows to fully charge the ebike during riding. The Vello Bike+ delivers up to 30 mile riding range if riding continuously in turbo mode, and it’s still easy to pedal even with the power assistance turned off.

Vello Bike+ Self-Charging Folding Electric Bike

Using built-in Bluetooth technology, the ebike also wirelessly communicates with your smartphone, so you can check the status and various info of your Vello Bike+ on the phone, and its custom app also allows you to lock the rear wheel, switch charging power mode, choose assistance level, customize dashboard and etc. Apart from these, integrated lights and brakes keep you safe on the road.

The crowdfunding campaign for Vello Bike+ is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge €1599 (approx US$2106) to preorder the self-charging folding ebike. It will be shipped in April 2017. BTW, also don’t miss Budnitz Model E titanium eBike and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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