VBreathe Portable Organic Air Purifier with Mold Control System

VBreathe portable air purifier uses natural organic Australian essential oils to purify the air around you and defense against mold and bacteria. Like the idea? Let’s continues checking.

VBreathe Portable Organic Air Purifier with WiFI and Bluetooth

Appearance design of VBreathe

The VBreathe is world’s first organic air purifier with mold control system that’s available in three sizes based on different demands including V1, V2 and V3. As we can see from the images, all the models show off a minimalistic, sleek cylindrical appearance, and the premium aluminum casing design not only delivers a durable construction, but also goes with modern and stylish aesthetic style.

VBreathe Portable Organic Air Purifier with WiFI and Bluetooth

Meanwhile, portable design allows you to easily deploy the air purifier anywhere in your house. Of course, the more compact V1 model is designed for easier carrying.

Function features

All VBreathe air purifiers feature a replaceable VActive gel that’s a unique blend of 100% natural organic Australian essential oils, so it’s able to effectively defense against mold and mosquitoes, and helps remove 98% of airborne microbes in the air around you including mold, mildew, fungal spores, dust mites and bacteria. It also removes odors from pets, tobacco smoke, smelly shoes and more.

VBreathe Portable Organic Air Purifier with WiFI and Bluetooth

The coverage area of VBreathe V1 is approx 9ft x 12ft, the V2 deals with a coverage area of 20ft x 26ft, and the V3 covers about 32ft x 32ft area.

Compared with V1 with one VActive gel, the V2 has two VActive gels, and the V3 features three VActive gels. In addition to the gels, the V2 and V3 also feature a replaceable 360-degree intake medical grade HEPA filter that features 99.97% efficiency at 0.5 microns.

VBreathe Portable Organic Air Purifier with WiFI and Bluetooth

The V2 has built-in Bluetooth technology, and the V3 comes with both WiFi and Bluetooth, so using its companion app, you can remotely control the air purifier, and VBreathe supports HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and OK Google. In addition, reaching 1 million or 2 million funding goal will help unlock V2’s WiFi connectivity and V1’s WiFi and Bluetooth.

Price and shipment date

The crowdfunding campaign for VBreathe is ongoing via Kickstarter. You can pledge approx US$59/$112/$150 to preorder one of the three air purifiers in different sizes. All models will be shipped in February 2017.

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