Urbie Air 3-In-1 Indoor Air Purifier with Self-Watering Plant Pot

Urbie Air 3-in-1 indoor air purifier not only actively purifies indoor air, but also adds some natural aesthetics into living space with integrated self-watering plant pot. Need more features? Let’s continue checking.Urbie Air 3-In-1 Indoor Air Purifier with Self-Watering Plant Pot

The Urbie Air is a multi-functional. app-enabled indoor air purifier that measures 14.1 x 11.8 x 9.4 inches and weighs 4.8 lbs. As shown in the images, with smooth contours and three optional colors, the plant pot styled air purifier fits anywhere in your house.

The indoor air purifier features an integrated self-watering plant pot, and it comes with a 100g activated carbon powder filter package that cab me used to remove toxic gases and offensive smells in the planter.Urbie Air 3-In-1 Indoor Air Purifier with Self-Watering Plant Pot

Furthermore, the air purifier comes equipped with two powerful yet discrete fans in order to suck polluted air in the soil with activated carbon powder. The activated carbon powder removes toxic gases, and millions of tiny pores in the soil trap pollutants after which micro-organisms feed on it, while the humidity in the air will be turned into condensation that waters your plant. Meanwhile, the fresher and cleaner air will be sent into your room.

Furthermore, a built-in sensor detects the soil moisture and activates the sprinkles when your plant is thirsty. During dry season, the self-watering planter will send you a phone notification when the water tank level is too low so that you can manually fill up it at the right time.Urbie Air 3-In-1 Indoor Air Purifier with Self-Watering Plant Pot

Moreover, app-enabled design allows you to remotely control it and change settings via your smartphone, and you can also check real-time status of your indoor air wherever you’re. in addition, it works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control and interaction with other compatible home smart devices.

The crowdfunding campaign for Urbie Air is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $167 to preorder the 3-in-1 indoor air purifier with self-watering plant pot. It will be shipped in May 2020.

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