UPstage 360 360-Degree Smart Speaker Works with Amazon Echo Dot

With multiple carefully arranged drivers UPstage 360 smart speaker delivers high-quality 360-degree audio, and it works with Amazon Echo Dot, acting as the brain of your smart home system.

UPstage 360 360-Degree Smart Speaker Works with Amazon Echo Dot

The UPstage 360 is a high-performance and versatile smart home speaker that measures 5.9 x 5.9 x 18.9 inches and weighs 6.17 lbs. As shown in the images, the speaker looks like being consists of three cylindrical parts connected together using a metallic L-shaped supporter, which delivers a unique and sleek appearance design. Meanwhile, the compact form factor allows you to easily place it anywhere in your room.

The 360-degree smart speaker comes equipped with an exclusive 3-way integration of 8 drivers and tri-amplification, so it’s powerful enough to cover the ultra-wide frequency range of 40Hz-40kHz in order to bring you a dynamic, realistic audio experience.

UPstage 360 360-Degree Smart Speaker Works with Amazon Echo Dot

Furthermore, as a smart home speaker, UPstage 360 enables internal docking with Amazon Echo Dot and ChromeCast, so it can directly stream music from mainstream online streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and more. Of course, same as any Alexa wireless speaker, you can also ask it for various questions, delivering news, weather and traffic info or controlling other Alexa smart home devices in the house with your voice.

Moreover, UPstage 360 features built-in ambient sound therapy function that helps you relax, stay calm or focus with specially blended mixes of a river, forest, crystal music and mantra chanting.

The team behind UPstage 360 is raising fund for the product via Kickstarter. We can pledge $329 to preorder the 360-degree smart speaker. It will be shipped in July 2018.

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