Unico Smart Toothbrush Brushes Your Teeth in 3 Seconds

Using a unique mouth unit Unico smart toothbrush brushes your teeth in just 3 seconds. Cool? Let’s continue checking.

Unico Smart Toothbrush

The Unico is an innovative and convenient smart electric toothbrush that consists of three main parts including mouth unit, power unit, and dock & UV station. Unlike any handheld-style smart toothbrush, you don’t need to hold it in your hand for brushing your teeth. All you need to do is just connect the mouth unit and power unit together, and grip the mouth unit with your teeth, then start rinsing your teeth by double tap the power unit.

The mouth unit is available in four sizes for different users, and the unit is made of antibacterial silicone material with the right flexibility in order to fit comfortably into all the mouths of both men and women.

Unico Smart Toothbrush

The smart toothbrush uses a custom toothpaste that can be loaded in the power unit. When brushing, the mouth unit injects the right portion of toothpaste directly onto your teeth by leveraging the perforated rotating pin of the various brushes. Furthermore, its ergonomic and flared brushes in the mouth unit can reach all the exposed surfaces of the teeth and the interstices between one tooth and the next one, so using the unique design the toothbrush is able to perfectly clean your teeth in 3 seconds.

In addition, the Unico Dock and UV station features two separate UV racks that ensure you will always place a clean and sterilized unit in your mouth. Using a custom app you can set washing time and speed of brush rotation.

Unico Smart Toothbrush

The team behind Unico is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge €99 (approx US$117) to preorder the smart toothbrush. It will be shipped in January next year.

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