Undabottle 3-In-1 Water Bottle with Storage Compartment

The Undabottle water bottle is good to fit for indoor and outdoor usage with a 3-in1 design, and 100% recyclable material makes it eco-friendly. Need more features? Let’s have a look.Undabottle 3-In-1 Water Bottle with Storage Compartment

The Undabottle is a multi-functional travel water bottle that measures 9.75 x 2.94 inches. As shown in the images, the bottle delivers a sleek and minimal appearance design, and the compact cylindrical form factor enables it to fit in the side pocket of your backpack or any bottle holder of your car or bike. Meanwhile, the frosted exterior provides a comfortable and firm grip.

The water bottle features 550ml capacity, and the wide mouth of the bottle not only lets you drink comfortably, or easily add ice or fruit to your beverage, and also allows for easy hand washing. Furthermore, the multi-functional design enables it to turn into a large cup with no parts leftover. The bottom storage compartment holds your favorite nuts, loose tea leaves, or dried herbs.Undabottle 3-In-1 Water Bottle with Storage Compartment

Furthermore, the water bottle is made polypropylene for a lightweight, recyclable and durable construction, and it’s BPA free, resistant to high temperature and tooth friendly.

The crowdfunding campaign for Undabottle is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $25 to preorder the 3-in-1 water bottle. It will be shipped in June 2020.

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