Unagi Model Eleven Foldable Smart Electric Scooter with Dual-Motor Design

By using new material, Unagi Model Eleven foldable smart electric scooter delivers an ultra lightweight design, plus dual-motor design, it brings you faster acceleration that hill-climbing capacities. Let’s keep checking if you want to learn more about it.Unagi Model Eleven Foldable Smart Electric Scooter with Dual-Motor Design

The Model Eleven delivers a minimalistic, streamlined appearance design with multiple optional colors. Using long carbon composite, a space-age material, the eScooter weighs only 32lbs.

The smart electric scooter feature dual 500W motor design and comes equipped with removable, hot-swappable 9700mAh rechargeable battery to offer a top speed of 20mph, over 15.5mi travel range and 15 degrees of incline rate. With high tuned, elastomer-based suspension system, it brings you comfort even on some tough terrains like cobble stones, broken roads and potholes.Unagi Model Eleven Foldable Smart Electric Scooter with Dual-Motor Design

Furthermore, the smart electric scooter features an integrated ADAS sensor that detects objects in your periphery and warns of impending collisions and dangers. Using integrated audio system and display on the handlebar, it also provides both auditable and visual warnings.

The integrated audio system coordinates collaborates with its companion app with scooter-first Google turn-by-turn directions to offer verbal turn-by-turn navigation, and the display on the handlebar also shows you directional signals.

Moreover, the foldable smart electric scooter comes equipped with hot-swappable, foam-filled tires for supreme comfort and picture resistance, and you can change them with ease. With GPS tracking ad remote kill, you can easily locate your Model Eleven and kill the engine remotely. In addition, its built-in motion sensor and alarm prevent it from thieves.

The crowdfunding campaign for Model Eleven is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $1,790 to preorder the foldable smart electric scooter ($1,540 for the model with no Crash Assist A.I). Both models will be shipped in September 2022.

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