Turn Touch Remote Control for Smart Home Devices

Don’t have to open various apps. Using 4 buttons, Turn Touch remote control lets you more conveniently control smart home devices in your house. Sounds cool? Let’s keep checking.

Turn Touch Remote Control Works with Smart Home Devices

The Turn Touch is a well-designed and versatile remote control which works with a variety of smart home devices like Hue lights, Sonos speakers, WeMo, Nest and more. The remote control measures 2″ wide by 2″ deep by 0.68″ tall. As we can see from the images, the Turn Touch sports a discreet and elegant appearance design. Unlike those plastic remotes, Turn Touch is built with natural wood for a solid construction and natural aesthetic style, and three optional wood materials allow it to meet different interior styles.

The remote control uses built-in Bluetooth to wirelessly communicate with your smartphone and smart devices in your house. Using its custom iOS and macOS apps, you can fully customize the remote control’s four tactile buttons. It’s worth mentioning that by holding down one of buttons for a half second, you can create a control profile for the four buttons which works with a specific device. This means that you can use 16 buttons and even double-taps to control more smart home devices.

Turn Touch Remote Control Works with Smart Home Devices

In addition to individually control one or more devices, Turn Touch allows you to create “macros” for your devices, for instance, you can simultaneously turn off your smart lights and lock your door when it’s time to sleep, or turn on your speaker and thermostat when you’re back home. In addition, the remote is powered by a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that offers 9-12 months of usage.

The crowdfunding campaign for Turn Touch is ongoing on Kickstarter. Pledging $69 will let you own the remote control. It will be shipped in November this year (estimated) if reaching its funding goal.

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