Tool Ring Wearable Titanium Multi-Tool

We featured lots of nice multitools, but Tool Ring is the first wearable titanium multi-tool that we’ve ever seen to bring several practical tools onto a finger as complementing to your personal style with multiple optional coatings. Let’s keep checking if you like the idea.Tool Ring Wearable Titanium Multi-Tool

The Tool Ring is an innovative, stylish and versatile multi-tool ring that’s available in multiple sizes to fit every user. As shown in the images, the ring delivers a minimal and sleek design, and its hand polished inner edges create a smooth touch for maximum comfort.

The multitool ring is made from grade 5 titanium for a solid and lightweight construction, and with several optional coatings, the wearable titanium multi-tool matches different personal styles.Tool Ring Wearable Titanium Multi-Tool

With two specially designed edges, the titanium multi-tool holds up to two custom or standard hex bits, and two two bits fit perfectly on the outer edge of your finger, so you don’t worry about the bits affecting your finger movements. Meanwhile, the titanium ring features a hex bit adapter with elastomer inserts so that you can use different hex bits to turn the ring into the tools you need.

Currently the optional hex bits include knife bit, pen bit and LED flashlight bit, and any standard hex bits turn it into a Phillips or flat head screwdriver. With the custom edges, the titanium ring also serves as bottle opener, pry, and box opener.Tool Ring Wearable Titanium Multi-Tool

The crowdfunding campaign for Tool Ring is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $65 to preorder the wearable titanium multi-tool with 4 different hex bits. The kit will be shipped in February 2021.

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