Tokyflash Kisai Link Bluetooth Bracelet Reminds You of All Notifications from Your iOS Device

Tokyoflash didn’t following their common steps this time. They recently released Kisai Link Bluetooth bracelet, their first non-watch wearable that reminds you of all notifications from your iOS device.

Tokyflash Kisai Link Bluetooth Bracelet

The Kisai Link is a practical and fashionable Bluetooth bracelet that comes in over twenty designs in order to match different sense of style. The bracelet works with most of iOS devices with iOS 8.1.2. The core of Kisai Link is a small piece with Bluetooth that can wireless communicate with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch 5G. Once receiving incoming calls, messages, emails, social media alerts, the bracelet will gently vibrate and its LED indicator will illuminate, so you can clearly know what kind of info you have received on your phone. Moreover, Kisai Link can receive notifications from a wide range of social media apps and it also supports IFTTT. In addition, built-in sensor helps you find out your iPhone in the room or lets you know it’s not within your proximity.

Tokyflash Kisai Link Bluetooth Bracelet Tokyflash Kisai Link Bluetooth Bracelet

The Kisai Link Bluetooth bracelet is priced at $79 USD. If you like it, jump to Tokyoflash for more details. Additionally, if you want more options, you may like to check Zebracelet2 smartwatch and more by following tags.

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