Titanium Elektron Self-Charging Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker

Titanium Elektron self-charging smartwatch doesn’t need any wired or wireless charger as you enjoy all its features, and it has a built-in fitness tracker for activity and health tracking. Let’s keep checking if you like the idea.Titanium Elektron Self-Charging Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker

The Titanium Elektron is a beautifully crafted and fully featured smartwatch that measures 42.10mm diameter by 14.20mm thick (watchcase). As shown in the images, the smartwatch delivers a classic round shape, and the watchcase is crafted from Grade 2 titanium for a durable yet lightweight build, and the fully brushed finish gives a sleek sport look.

The smartwatch features the next generation smart micro energy harvesting. Once its internal power cell is fully charged, Titanium Elektron gives you a standby time of more than a year.

Furthermore, the dial of the self-charging smartwatch features Swiss Super-LumiNova pigment that works like a light storage battery, where light charges the battery and afterwards the light is continuously emitted. And the pigment doesn’t suffer any aging for lifetime use.Titanium Elektron Self-Charging Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker

The smartwatch also features auto GMT to automatically sync the time based on different time zone. Using built-in fitness tracker, Titanium Elektron provides 24/7 always-on activity tracking, and an integrated heart rate monitor allows for on-demand or constant heart beat reading.

In addition, it also tracks your sleep and helps you improve your sleep quality. With 50 meters of waterproof rating, the self-charging smartwatch is safe for a short swim or quick shower.

The crowdfunding campaign for Titanium Elektron is onging on Kickstarter. We can pledge $400 to preorder the self-charging smartwatch. It will be shipped in November 2021.

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