The smrtFOB Modular Power Bank with Bluetooth Tracker, External Storage Capacity, Charging Cable and More

We have introduced many practical power banks, but if you need a more versatile option, the smrtFOB modular power bank should be an ideal solution with its numerous modules like Bluetooth tracker, external storage capacity, charging cable and more.

smrtFOB Modular Power Bank

The smrtFOB is an innovative, multi-functional modular power bank that shows off an ultra portable and low-profile appearance, so you can easily attach the portable charger onto your keychain and take it anywhere wit you.

The smrtFOB’s basic modular features a built-in 950mAh backup battery, and using a removable microUSB or Lightning cable, the power bank provides mobile energy for your smartphone, or you can also add a 1200mAh battery module that offers more battery life, and built-in USB connector lets you charge your smrtFOB in any USB port, or you can also use an optional wireless charging pad for more convenient charging. Furthermore, using its 32GB flash memory module, you can add more storage capacity to your smartphone for storing more photos and videos.

smrtFOB Modular Power Bank

Moreover, its Bluetooth tracker module helps you locate your smartphone or keychain using its proximity radar and it offers map-based location tracking. Its companion app can recognize when you get home or another preset location. If your smrtFOB isn’t charged, it will send you a reminder to charge it, and the app can access to your calendar and suggest modules based on your schedule. In addition, Bluetooth speaker module lets you enjoy your favorite music wherever you’re.

smrtFOB Modular Power Bank

The crowdfunding campaign for smrtFOB is ongoing via Kickstarter. Pledging $59 to $179 will let you own the modular power bank and one or more modules. It will be shipped in April 2017 if reaching its funding goal.

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