The Sense is a Smart Control Center Connecting with Your Smart Home Devices

Generally we need to control those smart devices with our smartphone, but the Sense focuses on delivering us more simple and effortless methods to interact with smart home devices. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going for the smart control center.

Sense Smart Control Center Works with Your Smart Home Devices

The Sense is an advanced and intelligent control center that can connect with your smart devices at home. The smart control center measures 1.85 x 5.157 x 2.125 inches, and as shown in the images, the Sense boasts a sleek and portable design that enables it to decently stand on the desk and blend well with the internal decorations.

Sense Smart Control Center Works with Your Smart Home Devices

As a control center, the Sense works with a wide range of connected devices including Philips Hue and LIFX, Sonos, Nest thermostat, and more. More importantly, the smart hub can detect your presence, recognize your voice and gestures, and learn your preferences, so based on your voice, gestures or presence, the Sense helps you activate relevant smart devices without an additional remote.

Sense Smart Control Center Works with Your Smart Home Devices

Furthermore, the Sense also serves a wide angle 1080p HD connected monitoring camera that monitors your room and delivers you real-time video via your smartphone, and using computer vision and proximity feature, it always know who is home at all times. Moreover, integrated IR LED lights add night vision to the hub, and built-in speaker and microphone enable it to send and receive voice info.

The crowdfunding campaign for Sense is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $225 to preorder the smart control center. It will be shipped in December this year if reaching its funding goal.

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