The NesPi NES Shaped Raspberry Pi Case Built with LEGO Bricks

We have introduced a 3D printed NES shaped Raspberry Pi case, but if you have a preference for LEGO bricks, the NesPi Raspberry Pi case should be more suitable for you.

NesPi LEGO NES Shaped Raspberry Pi Case

The NesPi is a pretty fun and practical Raspberry Pi case built with LEGO bricks. As we can see from the image, the LEGO Raspberry Pi case is shaped as a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and it detailedly restores those iconic details from the classic game console, you even can open the hinged cartridge cover for improved heat dissipation. Of course, it doesn’t work with your old NES cartridges.

The Raspberry Pi case consists of 108 LEGO bricks and the LEGO set comes with a 30-page instruction booklet, so you can easily build the LEGO case in one hour. Moreover, the LEGO case is compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3, and its opening and cartridge cover let you access to Pi’s ports and SD card.

NesPi LEGO NES Shaped Raspberry Pi Case

The LEGO Raspberry Pi case is priced at €35 (approx $51 USD). If you’re interested, jump to Raspberry blog for its more details. BTW, also don’t miss the Apple IIc Raspberry Pi case and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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